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Welcome to the Gassville FD Auxiliary page!  It has been a few years since the auxiliary has been operating.  This year we have re-energized the fund raising arm of our department.  The GFD has several much needed project in the works that need additional funding.  We have many exciting things planned to help the fire department fund these projects.

We need volunteers to join the auxilary and help with the fund raising and support of our firefighters.  Won't you please help?

Check back soon and often to find out the many exciting things comming this year! 
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Below are some of the GFD projects that need additional funding
Purchase of new Pumper
Two of the fire engines (#1 and #2) that the GVD have are over 30 years old.  One of the engines does not have the capacity to qualify as an attack pumper for NFPA or ISO certification.  Both trucks have mechanical problems that make them both unreliable and difficult to operate.  They are both gasoline powered engines and are lacking the horsepower and durability of a diesel model.  The GFD has been saving money out of its budget for several years now to help with this purchase and they will apply for a grant for this purchase from the Assistance to Firefighter Grant Program, however, saving money can only go so far and grant money is difficult to get.  The GFD needs help before these trucks can no longer provide the service that they can depend on.
Approx. Cost     $200,000.00
Purchase of Air Packs and Protective Equipment
Approx. Cost     $100,000.00
GFD uses self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).  To protect them from smoke inhalation and toxic gasses while fighting fires.  These SCBA are vital in saving and protecting lives during fire and rescue operations.  Currently, the GFD has 19 SCBA that it uses.  These SCBA are of various brands and ages.  Many are nearly 20 years old and no longer meet NFPA specifications for firefighter safety.  The GFD has applied for a grant to purchase new compliant SCBA and turnout gear, however, they have not recieved the grant as of yet and will need to furnish 10% of the cost of this project if and when they do.
Purchase of New CAFS system for Foam Unit
Approx. Cost     $35,000.00
Recently, the CAFS unit, which makes the firefighting foam that the GFC uses to extinguish chemical and petroleum type fires, has been breaking down.  This unit is older and no longer made by its manufacturer.  So, its time to start thinking about replacing this unit.
Remodel of the Fire Station and Offices
Approx. Cost     $5,000.00
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Is your address visible from the street?  What about at night?  Will emergency personnel find you when you need them?  Stop by the firehouse and ask about our reflective address signs.  They are available for $15.00 and all proceeds benefit the GFD auxiliary.