About Us
The Gassville Fire Department strives to achieve an optimum level of protection by focusing efforts in five (5) major divisions:  Fire Suppression, Fire Prevention, Emergency Medical Response, Training and Hazardous Materials Awareness.

Fire Suppression

The Fire Suppression Division maintains 3 engines, 1 Tanker, 1 Brush unit, 1 Class A foam unit.  This equipment is used to suppress and extinguish fires of all types including structure fires, brush fires and automobile fires.

Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division is focused on fire safety, fire inspection and fire prevention education.  It does this through community involvement and education using an educational smoke house, school visits and civic events to inform the public about fire prevention and safety.  The Fire Chief conducts routine fire inspections and disseminates fire safety information within the community.

Emergency Medical Response

The Emergency Medical Response Division is responsible for providing rapid basic and advanced life support to people in need 24 hours 7 days a week.  This division is comprised of dedicated, highly trained Paramedics, EMT-B’s and certified First Responders on a dedicated rescue unit who provide much needed care in times of need.


The Training Division contains several Training Officers responsible for enhancing firefighting skills and techniques.  The Training Officers' duties include conducting member training and drill for the Suppression Division.  The Training Officer along with the Medical Officer coordinates the mandatory First Responder and EMT training such as CPR and First Aid. 

Hazardous Materials

The Hazardous Materials Division (Hazmat) consists of four major elements: identification and data collection, compliance and community education, training and preparation, containment and mitigation.  The Hazmat Divisions primary mission is to prevent loss of life and property as a result of the release of hazardous materials through comprehensive understanding of how hazardous materials are used stored and transported, and how the Fire Department can limit the release of these materials and manage incidents where release does occur.

Our Services
  - Fire Suppression
  - Emergency Medical 
  - Rescue
  - Education
  - Fire Prevention

We Specialize in the Areas of:
  - Advanced Firefighting       Techniques & Equip. 
  - Basic and Advanced         Life Support
  - Rough Terrain and            Mountain Rescue
  - Trench Rescue
  - Auto Extrication
"The mission of the Gassville Fire Department is to provide optimum protection to the lives and property of the citizens of Gassville against the ravages of fires, medical emergencies, hazardous materials and disasters both natural and manmade."
ISO Rating Class 4
Responded to 298 Calls 2017
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